Email Form Integration: iContact

Another simple integration with Megaphone and iContact. You must have an active iContact account to follow the steps below and complete the integration.

Click on " Create My First Page"

On the top-right of your Admin page, click on the " drop-down arrow" next your email and click on "Integrations".

Select by clicking on " iContact".

Click on " Connect with iContact".

Megaphone will display a successful integration message and a " Connected" status as shown below. But that's not all folks, just a few more steps to follow.

To complete the integration, click on " My Pages" and "Edit" any one template in your list. If there is none listed, select one from the "Templates" page.

Click on " Form Integration" --> from the drop-down list, select "iContact".

Copy and Paste the HTML code from your list in iContact into the  " Sign-up Form HTML" field and click "Save". To locate or generate a "Sign-up Form HTML" code in iContact, skip to the next step.

To locate or generate a " Sign-up Form HTML" code in iContact, first login to your iContact account. Under "Home" go to your Contact Lists and select an existing list, if not, create a new list to be used with your new template.

Click on " Sign-up Forms".