Email Form Integration: Infusionsoft

Megaphone seamlessly integrates with Infusionsoft. In order to do so you must already have an account open with your Infusionsoft provider. Please follow the steps below and be done!

Click on " Create My First Page"

On the top-right of your Admin page, click on the arrow next to your email and click on " Integrations".

Select by clicking on " Infusionsoft".

Fill in your Infusionsoft " App Name". For example: if your Infusionsoft address is only take "oph81532" and type in the field. Also fill in the "API Key" from your Infusionsoft account and click "Save".

NOTE: To locate your API Key in Infusionsoft - Log in to your IS account --> Hover over the Infusionsoft Logo from the Top-Left and under "Admin" select "Settings". Click on "Application" and to the right scroll to the API section and copy and paste the full "Encrypted Key" and paste onto the "API Key" field in your Megaphone integration page.

Click " Save" to complete the integration.

Once authenticated, Megaphone will display a successful integration message and a " Connected" status as shown below.

All Set! Now when you edit a Megaphone page, InfusionSoft will be an available option under the " Form Integration" settings --> "Integration Provider" as shown below:

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