Settings: Publishing Settings

Every Megaphone page lets you configure the url used for visitors to access it.

If you do not already own your own domain, Megaphone provides you with a unique url for your to share with your customer via email, your blog, or however you choose.

In the Megaphone page editor, click the "Publishing Settings" link in the left sidebar:

Under the Permanent Host, you will find the public URL to your Megaphone page:

If you own your own custom domain, you may also configure that here.

First, fill out the "Your Domain" section with your domain:

Optionally, if you want to be the url to your page, enter " sales" into the optional path

Click "Save" and you're done.  If you change your mind, you can click the "Close" button.

Note: If you choose an optional path, this will be the url to your page.  For instance, if your domain is "" and your optional path is "sales", only will go to your page, will not.

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