Set your custom domain or subdomain in Megaphone with GoDaddy

The option to mask your own custom domain or subdomain on any megaphone templates could not be easier. Please follow the steps below when using GoDaddy.

Login to your account with GoDaddy and click on your ' Domains Tab', then click on the 'custom domain' you'd like to use and mask over your Megaphone template.

From the ' DNS Zone File' tab click on 'Edit'.

From the ' Home' tab in the 'CNAME (Alias)' section, click on the 'Quick Add' button to add a subdomain to your main domain. Or simply select an option from your existing list, such as 'www' if you wan to use your main domain name (

Add your new ' Subdomain name' in the 'Host' section box, and in the 'Points to' box type '' (it's very important that you type in the 'Points to' box and NOT your page template URL). Click on the 'Save Zone File' button on the top-right. A box will appear, click on 'OK' to confirm the change and 'OK' again on the 'Zone File Saved' box. Make note that the actual changes saved make take up anywhere from 1hr to 48hrs.

Now, on your Megaphone account. Select the template you'd like to use and click on ' Edit'.