Advanced MegaPop Tips

1.) Your MegaPop will behave the same way that your page does. So, you can just configure your MegaPop's thank you page in your page's Form Integration settings.

2.) By default, your MegaPop's thank you page will show in the same pop-up window, so that it doesn't take your visitor away from the page they were on.

3.) If you're using a signup page as your MegaPop, and you want to have your visitor taken out of the pop-up window for the MegaPop's thank you page (and not remain in the pop-up window)...

You'll need to add "&embed=true"

to this line of the 1st given MegaPop code (found in "Publishing Settings" --> "Popup Code"): 

"window['mpPopupUrl' + popupId] = "";"

That means it should read:

window['mpPopupUrl' + popupId] = "";

4.) If you want to have your visitor taken out of the pop-up window on any other page AFTER the 1st in-pop-up thank you page...

Example: your thank you page is a special offer page that you want displayed in the popup window, but when someone clicks "add to cart" you want them to break out into a full checkout page

Then in this example, you'll need to add "?embed=true" to the URL of the special offer page that you use as your Thank You URL:

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